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Alpen Group's innovative sports products

In order for us to live up to the needs of sports lovers in a variety of situations, Alpen Group is continuously trying to further enhance the business model of developing, producing and selling high-quality products at affordable prices.

The people in charge of research and development at Japana Co., Ltd. are responsible for all processes through to the completion of the products. While considering the situations in which the customers use the products and the criteria for usage, various machine tests and measurements for resistance are done up until production.

How do we support our customers' enthusiasm for sports, and make their sporting lives more comfortable? Japana Co., Ltd. and adopt a thoroughly scientific approach, and their "engineers" concentrate their full efforts in activities that extend to research into the movement of the human body and comfort during use.


Japana is the backbone of Alpen Group's manufacturing facilities. It has the general administrative division within Alpen Group headquarters and also includes an R&D facility (Technical Center Mitake). Keeping close communication with Alpen Group's product policy and marketing divisions, a large number of employees focus on technical innovations and the production of high-quality products.

In response to the needs of those seeking high performance in all sports; skiing, snowboarding, racket sports, team sports, marine sports, and athletic sports our challenge is to offer high-quality products at value prices. We pursue new materials, carry out repeated scientific tests, reengineer our production process, and upgrade our supply chain on a daily basis.

Japana product profile
In 1997, in a collaborative project with German and American companies, Alpen established a brand considered as symbolic of street culture. Kissmark is now expanding worldwide with a wide range of board sports items. In recent years, we've moved beyond snowboarding to line up a large number of street culture-like fashions.
Kiss Mark product profile
Approaches to manufacturing
For users
Through 30 years' interaction with our customers and top athletes, Alpen Group constantly considers and pursues the sports gear and apparel that is truly desired by customers. It has analyzed people's sports lives from a variety of angles.
Research & Improvement
Alpen Group brands have attained support from our customers and thus have grown very large. The Group controls all processes from R&D, design, marketing up to the point of sale of our products. Putting our philosophy of "For the Customer" into practice requires reacting to customer needs, which are heard directly from customers, and we work to improve product quality on a daily basis. We believe that this inexhaustible effort is, quite simply, the origin of the Alpen Group.
Establishing a business model
As a company based in Nagoya with its strong manufacturing spirit, we have the business capability for both production and retail operations. We control the value chain at our own risk, and this business model produces large added value. We believe that this is a key strength of Alpen Group. With a strong purpose and advanced techniques, we anticipate the wishes and intentions of all those who love sports, and we continue to produce innovative and high-quality products. We support our customers who wish to attain a sports-centric lifestyle.
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