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About This Site
This Alpen Group Site is managed by Alpen Co., Ltd. When you use this Alpen Group Site ("this website" in the following), please be warned of the following conditions:
1. Copyright
  • The copyrights for this website and for the individual pieces of writing, photos and other works appearing on this website (hereinafter referred to collectively as "the contents") belong to Alpen Co., Ltd., the original creators of the works or any other copyright holders.
  • The Copyright Law forbids the reproduction, public transmission, alterations, deletions, reproduction on your own website, etc. of the contents without the permission of Alpen, the original creators, or any other copyright holders. Therefore, you are required to contact Alpen and obtain its permission beforehand. This does not include instances when the purpose of printing or storing the contents is for personal use only, or to the extent approved by the Copyright Law. Note also that there may be cases where Alpen refuses to give permission when such portion of the contents includes an image, a third party's work, a trademark or the like or when Alpen finds such use of the contents inappropriate.
  • In connection with the use of the contents of this website, Alpen forbids any acts detrimental to or damaging to Alpen or any third party, any acts offensive or possibly offensive to public order and morals, and any profit-oriented acts not condoned by Alpen.
2. Trademark and the like
  • The rights to this website and to the individual trademarks, logo marks and trade names appearing on this website belong to Alpen or the individual holders of the rights. The Trademark Law and other applicable laws forbid the use of them without the permission of Alpen except to the extent approved by such laws. Therefore, when you desire to use them, your are required to contact Alpen and obtain its permission beforehand.
3. Use of this website
  • Alpen exercises utmost care to assure that the contents and any other data presented on its website (hereinafter referred to collectively as "the contents, etc.") are accurate and up to date. However, Alpen does not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, and reliability of these contents. Alpen cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from use of the contents, etc. by individuals.
  • Note that Alpen may change or discontinue the arrangement, the conditions of use, the URL, and the contents, etc. of this website without advance notice.
  • Note also that Alpen may interrupt or discontinue the management of this website without advance notice.
4. Link
  • Linked URL
    Please go to the front page to visit the linked URL.
  • We refuse all links to this website from sites such as those listed below:
    • Sites violating or possibly violating the copyright, intellectual property rights, image rights, or any other right of Alpen and/or other companies (parties)
    • Sites with uncontrolled community functions, such as a discussion board or on-line chat (where defamation of people can be openly done or where there is the slandering of Alpen and/or other parties or enterprises)
    • Sexually explicit sites and sites having links in parallel with sexually explicit sites
    • Sites with contents offensive to public order and morals
    • Sites having links within the frame (name or the like of the linked URL remaining on the screen after the link has been made)
    • In addition to the above, Alpen reserves the right to refuse links based on its own judgment according to its own criteria.
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