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Privacy Policy
Alpen Co., Ltd. ("Alpen" in the following) handles personal information on its customers according to the policy as described below ("this policy" in the following):
1. Personal information
In this policy, personal information means names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, sexes, purchase histories and other descriptions of its customers which are made available to Alpen by them and by which Alpen can identify individual customers.
2. Acquisition of personal information
Alpen acquires personal information on its customers within an appropriate scope only after informing them of the purpose of its use.
3. Purposes of use of personal information
Alpen uses personal information on its customers for the purposes listed below:
  • Identification and communication
  • Shipment and delivery of goods
  • After-sale service for purchased goods
  • Repair, processing, or repair by maker in product recall, etc.
  • Announcement of prize competitions, exhibitions, sales, etc.
  • Announcement of products and services from businesses managed by Alpen (Alpen, Golf 5, Sports Depo, etc.)
  • Announcement of products and services of affiliated companies, etc.
  • Announcement of member benefits and the like to Card members
  • Customer analysis
4. Use of personal information
Alpen uses personal information on its customers within the specified scope only; never for other purposes without the consent of its customers.
5. Furnishing or disclosure of personal information to the third party
Alpen guarantees that it will not furnish or disclose personal information on its customers to any third party except in the following cases:
  1. The customer has agreed to such disclosure of information.
  2. Personal information on the individual customers has been processed in such a manner that the customers are not identifiable.
  3. To the extent necessary to accomplish the purpose of use that was specified to the customers, Alpen consigns the handling of personal information to an outside agent under business trust agreement which includes the pledge of confidentiality in handling such personal information.
  4. Disclosure of such personal information to a third party is absolutely necessary to save the lives of persons or protect the bodies or assets of persons.
  5. Disclosure of such personal information to a third party is required by applicable laws or regulations.
6. Observance of laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information
Alpen adheres to applicable laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information and to policies stipulated by administrative authorities and the like.
7. Security management of personal information
Alpen acquires, uses and furnishes personal information properly by establishing rules for handling personal information, assigning personal information managers, and thoroughly educating its officials, employees and temporary employees about the handling of personal information.
Alpen also takes every security measure for acquired customer information to protect it against any leakage, loss or tarnishment, and illegal access.
8. Inquiries, corrections and deletions of personal information
Alpen responds properly and promptly to the needs of reference and correction or deletion of personal information on its customers. Please contact the following information desk for procedures for such reference or correction or deletion.
9. Information desk
If you have any inquiry regarding the substance, correction, deletion, or other matters or complaints concerning personal information, please contact the following desk.
The details of the procedure will be given to you at the time of inquiry.
  • Information desk: Customer Service: Phone: +81-52-559-0160
    (Service time: 9:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 18:00 on business days)
10. Improvement or revision of this policy
Alpen continuously improves on this policy. In addition, this policy is subject to change when it is necessitated by the amendment of any applicable laws or regulations, or when Alpen finds it necessary.
Taizo Mizuno
Alpen Co., Ltd.
March 24, 2005
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